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Water Treatment Products

Custom Engineered Chemicals for Boilers, Cooling Towers & Closed Systems - Automatic Chemical feed Equipment, Chemical Pumps, Tanks, Agitatons - Boiler and Cooling Tower Blowdown Controllers, ph Controllers, Timers, and Biocide Feeders - Water Softeners, Filters, R.O. Systems.

The following are the list of manufacturers and a brief description of the products that we carry:

  • A & F MACHINE - Automatic & Manual chemical feed systems.
  • CARLON - Water meters, timer and flow controllers.
  • HARMSCO - Water filtration equipment.
  • HAYS - Water meters, timer and flow controllers, solenoid valves.
  • NEPTUNE - Chemical pumps, tanks, agitators, sample coolers.
  • NOBLE - Noburst -100 Inhibited propylene glycol.
  • PULSAFEEDER - Chemical pumps, tanks, blowdown controls.
  • ROCHESTER-MIDLAND - Boiler, cooling tower, closed system treatment.
  • TAYLOR - Water testing reagents, kits, and equipment.
  • TRUSCO - Water softeners, filters, R.O. units.