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Boilers, Controls & Equipment, Inc. continues to be a leading distributor of commercial & industrial heating and process equipment. Often being referred to as the "One Stop Boiler Shop" providing any replacement items for many brands of boilers. We don't just stop at the boiler though, providing complete product lines of all boiler and system accessories. Boilers, Controls & Equipment is family owned and operated since 1959. Supported by a fine staff of employees with skills ranking from sales, engineering, technical assistance, shop service, and computer/CAD operations just to name a few. We realize how important our customers are to us, and take pride in being able to serve your needs.

Whether you are in need of a new pump replacement, feed water tank, relief valve, steam trap, or any other replacement item, contact us. Our trained and experienced sales staff will be waiting to assist you. Don't let "Down Time" become a problem. We will ship " On the Shelf " items from our large inventory the same day so you can keep your facility steaming. So don't be caught cold, contact us today and let us start serving you.

Boilers Controls Inc. Team